Just as the creation of one photo is a process, so goes the experience of becoming a photographer. I took a lot of art classes in high school, and photography was the space and place to which I always returned and where everything seemed to click. Once I picked up a camera, I never really put it back down…it became my constant traveling companion.


I continued to pursue photography and hone my artistic style through college, studying film and digital photography; I received my Bachelor in Art from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.


After traveling Italy in 2014, I started to consider how individual lives impact one another throughout time, and the role photography plays in making that happen. For me, the feeling that I could span the past, present, and future simultaneously cultivated an ongoing desire to capture unique and extraordinary moments in time.


The cumulative experience of my education and travels continues to inform and shape my approach and philosophy as a photographer. From my home base in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I continue to pursue a career in fashion photography. But whether I’m shooting fashion, landscape, people or objects, my goal is to utilize motion, light, and unconventional angles to portray an unexpected point of view. In my mind and practice, every image creates an extrospective experience for both myself and the viewer.


Eventually I’d love to run my own gallery, but until then you can find me behind the lens. Please reach out to discuss how I might help meet your upcoming individual or commercial photography needs.





Tel: 414 630-0826